Wife Gets Visa After Notice of Intent to Revoke I-130

February 4, 2021

Client is from Ghana, but now he’s a U.S. Citizen. He is also an active duty officer in the Navy. He filed for his young wife in Ghana, and his I-130 was approved. He then navigated the NVC process and got her an interview at the embassy.

But things went badly during her embassy interview. There were some misunderstandings between the wife and the officer. She was refused the visa until she came back with additional evidence.

A month later, she had a second interview. Again, the same issues came up and she was refused a visa.

The embassy then sent a request to USCIS asking them to revoke her husband’s I-130.

USCIS sent her husband a Notice of Intent to Revoke, and he was devastated.

He had been watching me on YouTube and immediately contacted me for a Telephone Consultation.

He hired the firm, and we prepared a solid response that cleared up all of the problems the embassy had with the wife.

A few months later, USCIS sent us a letter saying that they agreed with us, and they will not revoke the Client’s I-130!

USCIS then contacted the embassy and told them their decision. The embassy called the wife back in to wrap things up with her.

The embassy requested an updated I-864 Affidavit of Support. After they received it, they issued her the immigrant visa! She is now here in the states with her husband!

P.S.  Success stories are based on real cases. However, each case is different, and past successes do not guarantee that all cases will have a similar result. 

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