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Free From Deportation Days Before Hearing!

March 5, 2023

Like many marriages, things started out good between Client and his US citizen wife.

They got married in 2018, went on a honeymoon, and lived together.

They were a hardworking couple who took their marriage seriously.

His wife also filed a green card petition him.

Unfortunately, things took a bad turn in their marriage after his wife became abusive towards him. 

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Spousal Adjustment of Status - No Interview

February 26, 2023

Now is the best time to apply for a green card through a spouse!

The government is waiving more and more interviews in an effort to speed up case processing times.

For example, we just had a marriage Adjustment of Status case approved in less than 9 months without an interview

We filed the case on May 23, 2022, and it was approved on February 15, 2023 without an interview

Wife's Visa Approved After Passport Criminal Charges & Husband's Death

February 13, 2023

It's not over until it's over.

We recently shared this awesome story of perseverance in a 

Our clients were married for nearly five years but never had a chance to live together.

She lived in South America, and he lived alone in the US.

Client filed for his wife and the I-130 petition was approved.

However, the embassy refused to issue the immigrant visa to his wife in 2016

Daughter's Waiver Is Approved!

February 5, 2023

When Client met with us in March 2021, she was under a lot of stress.

She missed her daughter dearly.

The family endured a civil war in Liberia many years ago.

They fled to Ghana for safety and resettlement.

Client later came to the US and became a Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR).

However, her daughter was still in Ghana, and they had not seen each other in many years

Client Is Free From Deportation!

January 29, 2023

When Client came to us in August 2022, he already had an attorney.

However, he wanted to hire us because he had problems communicating with his lawyer.

He was deeply concerned about his deportation proceedings.

After entering the U.S. on a tourist visa, he stayed and applied for asylum.

Unfortunately, USCIS was not convinced of his asylum story, and they referred his case to Immigration Court.

Client appeared in court with his lawyer, however, his asylum case was very weak

Removal of Conditions Waiver Approved

January 22, 2023

In September 2020, client met with Attorney Pompy to discuss her conditional lawful permanent residence status 

Her status was set to expire in February 2021, and she was unable to locate her husband.

She filed for divorce in October 2020.

She later hired the firm to prepare her I-751 waiver so that she may get her 10-year green card without her husband's help.

Unfortunately, she did not have enough evidence to prove a bona fide marriage.

Client Approved For Green Card Under Amnesty 245(i) After 24 Years In US

January 15, 2023

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December 18, 2022

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August 28, 2022

No Interview In Marriage Case!

July 31, 2022

Back Together After A Long Separation!

July 16, 2022

Removal of Conditions Waiver Approved. No Interview! Very Short Marriage.

June 11, 2022

No Waiver Needed After USCIS Alleged Misrepresentation on Visa Application!

June 7, 2022

Green Card Approved in 6 Months!

June 1, 2022

Mom Is Finally Coming Home

May 10, 2022

Removal Case Closed!

April 19, 2022

After 24 Years In The U.S., Former F1 Student Gets Green Card Through Marriage!

February 19, 2022

Barber Gets Green Card After Short Marriage Ended

February 11, 2022

Approved After Misrepresentation On Visa Application!

January 14, 2022

After 32 Years, Client With Removal Order Can Get Green Card (Prosecutorial Discretion)

November 18, 2021

Approved: Green Card In 10 Months

November 16, 2021

Expedited Processing Approved In Difficult Marriage Case

November 8, 2021

It's Never Too Late! Spousal Adjustment of Status Case

October 28, 2021

Expedited Visa Processing Request Approved

October 18, 2021

Visa Issued After Being Stuck Since 2018

October 15, 2021

Husband Gets Visa After Embassy Refused Him For No Reason

October 9, 2021

K-1 Visa Approved

September 9, 2021

Green Card Approved Despite Criminal Record With Drug Offense

August 31, 2021

Green Card Approved Based On Hardship To Self-Petitioning Spouse (Removal of Conditions)

August 4, 2021

K-1 Fiance Stuck In Administrative Processing For Nearly 2 Years!

March 9, 2021

Green Card Approved After 20 Years With Removal Order

February 27, 2021

Wife's Green Card Approved After Trying a Second Time

February 16, 2021

Husband Gets Immigrant Visa

February 7, 2021

Wife Gets Visa After Notice of Intent to Revoke I-130

February 4, 2021

Green Card Approved in 2 Months AFTER DENIAL!

October 12, 2020

Green Card Approved in 7 Months! Marriage-Based Petition

September 25, 2020

Green Card Approved In Less Than A Year! Husband Is 42 Years Older Than Wife.

February 3, 2021

Real Marriage But Where's The Evidence For I-751 Petition?

February 6, 2021

Motion to Reopen Approved by Board of Immigration Appeals

January 15, 2021

Wife's Green Card Approved Under Public Charge

March 2, 2021

I-130 Approved After a Tough Fight

May 18, 2021

I-130 Approved After Visa Cancelled

May 21, 2021