Spousal Adjustment of Status - No Interview

February 26, 2023

Now is the best time to apply for a green card through a spouse!

The government is waiving more and more interviews in an effort to speed up case processing times.

For example, we just had a marriage Adjustment of Status case approved in less than 9 months without an interview

We filed the case on May 23, 2022, and it was approved on February 15, 2023 without an interview

However, USCIS's case processing times for this particular field office (Hartford, Connecticut) says that it takes 16.5 months to process most Adjustment of Status applications.

Straightforward marriage cases will likely face a smooth time at USCIS and get an approval without an interview. 

Marriage cases that we have worked on (successfully!) have some degree of complexity to them. For example:

  • Couple not living together
  • Culturally-arranged marriages 
  • Visa application fraud or misrepresentation
  • Beneficiary has a criminal record
  • Insufficient evidence to prove bona fide marriage
  • Previous green card denial
  • Notice of Intent to Deny
  • Notice of Intent to Revoke
  • Removal of conditions (jointly and waiver)
  • Marriage fraud allegations
  • Improper divorce
  • Omitting material facts on an application
  • Inconsistent responses at interviews
  • Fraud unit investigation / USCIS home visits
  • Request for Evidence 
  • Petitioner ineligible to file for spouse due to sex offense conviction
  • Petitioner is incarcerated
  • Illegal entry
  • Passport fraud
  • Naturalization denials based on grounds related to marriage  
  • Embassy 221(g) administrative processing based on insufficient evidence
  • Red flags related to age differences and number of previous marriages
  • Short marriage

And more!  If you are dealing with any of the above issues, speak with one of our attorneys about your case.

P.S. Every case is different. Past successes do not guarantee similar future outcomes. Consult with a licensed immigration lawyer to discuss your unique situation.

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